Strategies to Answer the Question- Why Should We Hire You?

All the companies have a specific kind of person in mind when they interview people. So, you will have to possess some particular qualities that the firm is looking for. When any company takes an interview, they usually find those qualities in the candidate.

The candidates having the desired qualities have the chance to get the job offer. Hence, candidates have to perform a little research before sitting for the interview. The research has to be done in various aspects. In this article, we will talk about them so that the candidates can perform well in the job interview.

Why should we hire you? It is the most common question that the interviewers ask the candidates. But most of the candidates fail to answer this question correctly. It happened due to lack of preparation and knowledge.

Here are five tips which will help you to answer this question convincingly. Let’s have a look at them:

  • First of all, you have to tailor your response according to the job details. You will find the job description in the job circular. The job description articulates the qualities the interviewer looks for. Hence, you should have a clear understanding of every requirement in the job description. Also, try to learn the things mentioned in the circular. For example, if the job requires expertise in Excel, you should put the time to practice it. You will be able to answer the follow-up questions quickly.
  • You have to look up the company profile. It means you have to know about the corporate culture, the kind of employee they hire, their dress up, educational qualification, and the financials of the company. Therefore, you should visit the company’s website, a few branches, and talk to a few employees. It is better to talk to the employees who are already in the position you applied for. It will enhance your confidence during the interview time. So, start preparing just after getting the invitation for an interview.
  • In the oral tests, you will meet many candidates. They will also research about the company, culture, and employees. There is the chance that your reply will be similar to some of the other candidates. Hence, you have to differentiate your response. Otherwise, why should they offer you the job? So, find out your unique points. They to explain what more you can give to the company. For instance, a role for administrative assistant requires knowledge of answering phones, Microsoft Word, and excel. So, to make you the perfect candidate for the job, you can articulate additional skill the project management. You can say this skill will help you to manage colander, delegate tasks, and achieve deadlines.
  • In this stage, you have to prepare a perfect answer to the question based on the above discussion. It is crucial to writing the answer several times on a piece of paper and practice orally. The oral practice will help you to deliver the reply with proper tone. Hence, make you practice the answer in a conversational tone.

In conclusion, you have to do a little research and chalk out a proper reply which will make you different from the other candidates.

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