Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years

Secrets to Answer to- Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

It is one of the trickiest questions that the interviewers ask the candidates. The question is tricky because it will help the interviewers to understand your personality. So, stay calm while answering this question. They will find out whether you are a career-oriented candidate or an ordinary one.

The companies want to hire only the career-oriented candidates because they can bring the best for the company. Hence, I will share some secrets that you help you chalk out the best response.

Generalize Your Answer

In replying most of the interview questions, I encourage the candidates to be specific. But in this case, I suggest the candidates give a general answer. The general answers seem true even if you are making up. Also, you will be able to reply to the follow-up questions easily. As a result, make you answer broad so that it does not raise any doubt in the mind of the interviewers.

For Example, you should say that I want to be in the top position of the firm instead of saying I want to be the head of the credit department. Make it simple.

Focus on Long Term Career

In answering this question, focus on the long-term career because the interviewers like the candidate who would continue with the company for an extended period. It is crucial. The firms spend an enormous amount of training an employee. So, they want to retain their employees. Consequently, they focus on hiring the candidate whose career plan aligns with the firm’s objective. Hence, perform some research about the company and its goals. It will help you to align your goals with the purpose of the company.

For Instance, You should say that- I want to persist with this company and use my knowledge and experience to bring the best result in the upcoming years. Doesn’t it sound good?

Avoid Showing Interest on Other Companies

All of us have to intention to work with any big company. Although we fail to get that dream job immediately in our career, we want to get into any job and then keep trying for our ultimate goal. But you must not mention your interest in any other company during the interview.  Instead, put the ultimate interest in the company for which you have sat for the interview.

For example, you should say that- after five years I want to become one of the major contributors to the development of this company. You must not say that- after five years I will move to a famous multinational corporation to use my vast five-year-long experience. In this case, the interviewers will appreciate your goal but reject your CV.

Take Time to Prepare

You need to take some time to prepare for this question. You cannot prepare for this question overnight. If you try to prepare overnight, it may lead to disaster on the interview day. So, beware of the fact.

In conclusion, I would suggest you become clever in replying this question. Don’t forget to practice with the help of any partner. It will boost your confidence.

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