What is Your Greatest Weakness

Smart Ways to Answer the Interview Question- What is Your Greatest Weakness?

At present, the interviewers are very determined to find out the best candidate for their company. Hence, they try to ask all kinds of questions that may help find out the real face of the candidate. The above question has become common nowadays in a job interview.

They do not settle asking the question. If they ask you the question, they will also ask many follow up questions based on your reply. Hence, it is essential to take preparation to answer this question very tactfully. At first, you have to understand the intention of the interviewers.

Then you will be able to determine the right reply. So, to help the candidates, in this article, we will discuss the tactics to respond to this question.

Mistakes That Candidates Make While Answering this Question

  • Most of the candidates try to turn the negative into positive. Many articles suggest this tip to the candidates. Hence, it is not their fault. But it is a very old method. For example, if you say- I am too much fickle about my work, the interviewers will conclude that you are hiding something. Hence, you will create a negative impression on the mind of the interviewers.
  • Some candidates will refuse to answer the question. It is another mistake. Moreover, they reply in such a way that they cannot think of any weakness. Probably, they are afraid to speak about their weakness, or they have not taken enough preparation. It will make the interviewers believe that you are trying to hide something.
  • Another mistake is to try to become too honest. Some candidates expose the weakness that may compel the interviewers to think negatively. Therefore, you must not reveal any weakness that will prove your inability to perform the job. If you are appearing the interview for the job of a football coach, you should not say that you cannot get up early in the morning. Otherwise, you will end up being too honest.

Two Important Components of the Answer

The response to this question has two main parts. They are as follows:

  • First of all, you have to speak out the legitimate weakness. Not the one which will prove your handicap for the job. So, put emphasis on choosing the right weakness. Here are some tips for choosing a good weakness.
    • Try to be authentic. Be sincere while choosing the weakness. Don’t choose any weakness just because it sounds good.
    • Pick up the weakness, which is acceptable. Hence, Go through the job description and align your weakness accordingly.
    • Select the weakness, which is minor and flexible. Besides, the weakness must not be hard to fix. Therefore, go for the one which is easily manageable by putting efforts.
  • You have to show the interviewers that you are working on your weaknesses. No one in the world who is perfect. But you have to show the intention and the willingness to improve yourself. If you are weak in MS Excel, you have to say that you are taking courses to learn it. An excellent candidate is the one who shows the initiative to improve.

In conclusion, you have to give sufficient time and effort ahead of the interview day to determine the right response to this answer.

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