What is your greatest strength

Smartest Ways to Answer- What is your greatest strength?

In fact, it is one of the most typical questions that you will face during interviews. The interviewers usually ask the questions to the individuals to understand whether they know their strengths and weaknesses or not. It also helps the interviewers to relate the strengths of the candidate with the job requirements.

Hence, they will be able to decide whether you are the right candidate for this job or not. So, you must prepare yourself to answer this question properly. Moreover, if you can answer it well, you will be able to prove that you are different from the other candidates.

To help you to answer this question properly and win the job, in this article, we will discuss some strategies.

Here are the strategies to answer the question properly-

  • In answering the question, most of the candidates focus on the quantity of strength. For example- someone will say that- I am humble, hardworking, detail-oriented, friendly, easy-going, and outgoing. The list continues. But it will make some interviewers laugh. If you keep saying too much strength, the candidates may perceive you as arrogant. Hence, through your answer, you have to prove that you are the right candidate for the job. A list of a bunch of adjectives will not work. You have to think strategically about the strengths which make you fit for the job. Hence, you have to think broadly about the various aspects of the job. If the job requires customer interaction, you should say that you are amicable, communicative, and a good listener. Now, your strengths will make sense. If the job environment is dynamic, you have to adopt a different strategy. For example- you should say- I can adapt and learn quickly. It will create a better impression on the mind of the interviewer.
  • The interviewers will not believe everything you say to them. You have to prove your point. Therefore, you should say a supportive story to prove your strength. It will be easy for the interviewers to believe your statement. The story has to be realistic. If you want to make up any story, try to be sincere. It is better if you can find someone to tell your story. The feedback will help you to understand whether the story is believable or not. In the story, you should try to reflect that you are either an excellent team member or a team leader.
  • When you reply to the question and tell the story, the interviewers will ask you many follow up questions. You have to be prepared for the questions from the beginning. Otherwise, your answers will mix-up, and the interviewers may think that you are lying. So, you should look for holes after the creation of the story. If you analyze the company background, it will help you a lot during the interview. For example- Bloomberg emphasizes on employee loyalty. Some company may prefer open communication. Hence, tailor your answer and story according to the company preference.

To conclude, you have to identify your core strengths, create a story that supports your strengths, and finally deliver it such a way that it seems realistic.

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