What Can You Contribute to the Company

Most Effective Ways to Answer- What Can You Contribute to the Company?

It is a very common question asked to the candidates by the interviewers. The interviewers ask this question to determine whether the candidate is dedicated to bringing the best result for the company or not. Hence, the candidates need to prepare a better answer to this question. The question also allows the candidates the opportunity to differentiate themselves from others. Therefore, you should put time and effort to prepare the right answer to this question. Otherwise, you will fail to satisfy the interviewers. In this article, we would discuss various facts which will help you to make a perfect response.

Here are the things to consider while replying the question:

  • First of all, you have to relate your abilities to the job description. The candidates should go through the job description thoroughly. It will help them to respond to an interview question. Hence, work on the job requirements and think what the company wants from you. Don’t forget to mention the required skills while answering.
    • For example: If the job requirements demand monthly target fulfillment, you should say the skills that will help you to achieve the goal.
  • You must not forget to mention your past accomplishments. It will increase the confidentiality of your answer. Otherwise, the interviewers may raise doubt against your reply. It will lead to a bad impression on the mind of the interviewers.
    • For example, you may say, I achieved more than the given sales target in my last job. Also, you may add an example of any particular month.
  • Some candidates exaggerate their response. It creates a negative image of the candidate. The interviewers know that candidates prepare replies from the internet. Hence, you have to make the answer and the examples realistic. Your reply has to be different from that of others.
    • For example, you should not say that you can double the revenue of the company in the next month.
  • All the companies have a plan. It helps the candidates to realize what the company wants to accomplish. So, the candidates should know the plan or objective of the company. If you know the company’s plan, you will be able to how you can help the company achieve it.
    • For example: If the company wants to increase its customer. You should say that you can contribute to the firm by using communication and customer relationship management skills.
  • In most of the cases, the interviewers ask a follow-up question. Often the interviewers ask, how will you use your educational knowledge to bring success for the company. In this case, you have to say how your knowledge relates to the future goals of the company.
    • For example: Suppose you are applying for the credit department of a bank. You have a post-graduate degree in Agriculture. Then you can say that you will be able to analyze the feasibility of any agriculture project and give loans accordingly.

In conclusion, you have to know in details about the present goals of the company and what it wants to achieve in the future. Take sufficient time to prepare to answer the question in a proper way.

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