What are your salary requirements

Effective Tips to Answer-What are your salary requirements?

The expected salary is a common question in the job interview. The question is significant is the interview performance of the candidate. Such a question indicates that you are just one question away for getting the job. It means they have already decided to hire you.

So, they want to know whether they afford your service or not. As a result, you need to prepare a comprehensive answer to this question.

Things to Consider to in Replying this Question

Here, we have listed the most important things to that you need to consider in replying such question. So, have a look at them:

Know Your Expectations

First of all, you have to know your expectation about the job. If the nature of the job demands a high salary, you should go for it. However, your expectation has to be judgmental. If you are a fresher, your expectation should be realistic. But make it ambitious. Even if you are not an enthusiastic person, you should keep your salary expectation high.

Look at the Job Description

Most of the employers mention the salary in the job description. Have a look at it. It will help you to quote the exact figure at the time of interview. Sometimes the word negotiable is written in a bracket. Then you can quote a higher salary during the interview. In such a situation, he wants to make sure that you have gone through the job description.

Consult with the Existing Employees

It is a good idea to talk to the existing employees about this matter. You may ask them regarding the perfect salary range for that position. Develop your reply based on the acquired information. Such a discussion will help you find out information regarding the company’s HR policy about salary payment. Moreover, some companies pay a higher salary to attract the best candidate from the market. In this case, you may quote a high range.

Mention Your Existing Salary

Your current salary will help you to prepare a perfect reply to this question. Therefore, you should mention your current salary and quote a range above that figure. The salary range should not be so high that the interviewers lose interest in you. The expectation has to be realistic.

Be Prepared for Any Follow-up Question

When you reply the question and quote a salary range, the interviewers will ask you follow up questions. How do you deserve this salary? It is a common question. Hence, you have to chalk out a proper reply to this question. Try to talk about your accomplishments and past experiences. Furthermore, don’t forget to mention how your expertise can benefit the company.

Don’t Bargain

Don’t bargain in the interview board on this question. It will create negative in the mind of the interviewers. They may try to demoralize you by agitating you. Keep calm and give a positive reply. In this way, the interviewers may decide in your favor. However, if they offer a very lower salary than your expectation, you should politely say that you are looking for a good salary. Interviewers ask such questions to see your attitude. They don’t mean it.

Don’t Forget to Practice

You have to be very outspoken in replying such a question. To express your thoughts clearly, try to make up your answer and practice at home for a few days ahead of the interview day. Also, such questions can always create nerve pressure which you can overcome only through sufficient practice.

In conclusion, you have to be well prepared to be able to reply to such questions efficiently. You don’t have to be an excellent negotiator. Therefore, you have to prove why you deserve your expected salary.

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