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Must Known Tips to Answer the Question- Tell Me About Yourself?

It is a very common question in the interviews. It gives the candidates the chance to get rid of the initial nervousness and gain confidence. The interviewers also use this question to ice-break with the candidate. The question lets the interviewers know about the background of the candidate. But it is not easy for many people to answer this question comfortably.

It happens due to lack of Preparation. Moreover, this is one side of the problem. Another problem arises when a candidate fails to articulate the right things. Hence, you must not start saying everything about yourself. So, there are certain things that you can say and avoid. In this article, we will help you prepare a convincing response to this question.

Here are the five tips to reply to the question:

  • While replying the question, you have to emphasize on your professional life. The experts suggest the SET method. SET stands for Skills, Experience, and Time. In this case, Time covers the period for which you have been using the skills. It is a great tool for candidates. But you must consider only the professional aspects of your life. Avoid the skills regarding games and sports while answering the question. On the contrary, stick to job-related skills.
  • At present, the candidates should reflect their willingness to work in a group through their response. To give such an impression, you have to use the power of the word ‘WE.’ It is a very powerful word. For example- you should not say- I was responsible for increasing the revenue of my company by X%. Instead, you should say our team was successful in increasing the company revenue by X%. In fact, employers do not want to hire any person who cannot go along with their co-workers.
  • You must refrain from bashing your previous employer. It will question your loyalty and attitude to the new employer. You should talk about the lessons learned in your previous jobs and how you want to implement them in the future. It will create a very good impression on the mind of the interviewers. If you had any negative experience in the previous job, turn it into positive learning.
  • The proper delivery of the answer is very important. You should start with your last job or education background. It is the most accepted method for delivering an answer to this question. If the interviewers do not stop you, proceed to your family background as well. But it should come at last. You should make eye contacts with the interviewers. It will make you feel comfortable.
  • Your answers to this question must encompass everything mentioned in your resume. So, you should keep a solid idea of everything you include in it. If you try to exaggerate, you may fall into your trap.

To sum up, you should prepare a response to this question ahead of the interview date. If you hurry, you may leave some key points. You have to build the ability to talk about your experiences without needing to memorize them.

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