Some Must Known Tips to Beat Job Interview Nervousness

Some Must Known Tips to Beat Job Interview Nervousness

A job interview is a panic for most of us. Often the nerve and the pressure situation cause the problem during the interview. The uncertainty and unknown situation make our body act differently. Hence, hand and feet start shaking.

On the other hand, some people start to stammer and fail to say whatever they want to say. But there are some effective ways to get rid of the interview nervousness. Most of the candidates are still unaware of the ways to beat the interview nervousness.

Here are some tips to help you get rid of the interview panic:

• Nerves speed up our heart rates which make us speak too fast. There is a way to get rid of this problem. You have to breathe in very slowly for a count of three. When you exhale, count three to complete the exhalation process. Repeat the whole process three times. Hence, your heart rate will fall making you calm. You will find that you are not in a rush in replying.

• Some candidates start to shake the body, hands, or legs at the time of interview. But it creates a bad impression on the mind of the interviewers. Hence, it is indispensable to get rid of this problem. You just have to tighten your thigh muscles or the buttocks. It is almost impossible to shake hands if your buttocks or thigh muscles are clenched. It will make you look more confident and impress the interviewers.

• Some candidates’ voice starts to tremble at the time of the interview. But it will certainly hamper your interview performance. Therefore, you must go through the following practice before entering the interview board. You have to open your throat by sticking your tongue out as far as possible as recite the nursery rhyme- Humpty Dumpty. As a result, your throat’s back will open up making your voice sound confident.

• Most of the time, the candidates are given a seat to wait for their turn to come. But it is a very pressure time. Hence, if you keep sitting, you will feel more nervous. Therefore, you should stay standing until your turn. You may walk around and sing your favorite songs. It will release endorphin from the brain making you more confident. The first time you will sit is in the interview room in front of the interviewers.

• Some candidates find it hard to speak up what they really want to express. Hence, the interviewer moves to the other questions not getting an appropriate answer. One of the main reasons behind this problem is that the candidates often lean back while sitting on the chair. It causes your throat to tighten. So, instead of leaning back, you should lean forward on your chair. Moreover, this position will make you look more dynamic.

• On the whole, try to be yourself. Speak with your own voice. Do not imitate other’s voice. Speak the words that you regularly use. Finally, don’t forget to be relaxed, authentic, and confident.

To sum up, you should feel proud of your previous achievements. It will enhance your confidence and decrease nervousness. As you are already on the shortlist, they must have a high feeling about you.

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