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5 Tactics to Answer- What is your greatest professional achievement?

“What is your greatest professional achievement?” is one of the tricky questions asked by the interviewers at the time of interview. The candidates find it difficult to answer this question. It requires prior preparation. You may have many professional achievements. But you have to find out the best one. So, keep calm and think about it. The candidates become nervous during the interview because they do not know the answer beforehand. Therefore, if you have to think to reply to this question at the time of the interview, you may become nervous. Hence, I will give you some tactics which will help you to develop the best answer to this question. Let’s have a look at them:

Find Out Your Best Achievement

First of all, find out and list your professional achievements. Hence, do some brainstorming. Now, determine the one for which you feel proud. It is your best achievement. Prepare a story around your best achievement. You have to be able to say the story in the interview board. It will make your point authentic. Otherwise, the interviewers may suspect and ask random questions which may agitate you. Don’t leave any scope for the follow-up questions.

  • So, you may select the achievement as a leader in the last case competition you participated.

Match Your Achievement with the Job Attributes

You have to show indirectly how your success can benefit the company. For example: if you say that you got the best team leader award in any business related project, it will attract the employer. But if you say that your biggest achievement is winning a marathon, it will not satisfy the employer. Your achievement is not relevant to the job requirement.

  • So, go through the job description and read all the requirements. After that, try to find out an achievement that matches the job requirement. It will work as a tonic to satisfy the interviewers.

Put Emphasis on the Most Recent Achievement

The most recent achievements will be able to create a better impression on the mind of the interviewer. Therefore, choose the most recent success instead of an old one. Your recent accomplishments matter the most. You may make up one. But you have to create a convincing story to support the achievement. Otherwise, you may get caught.

  • So, give emphasis on the recent business case completion award instead of 100% attendance award achieved five years back.

Give the Answer in a Professional Way

Some candidates become very emotional in giving an answer to this question. They focus on the negative aspects that they overcame. But the interview board is the place to show any emotion. You have to answer professionally. Put emphasis on the actual accomplishment and how it will help you in the future life.

  • So, avoid things like the death of any family member or your humble days. Instead, say about your accomplishments.

In conclusion, you have to prepare a proper reply to this question ahead of the interview day. Also, practice yourself to build up confidence.

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